Life like in the stoneage

The big test, aka day 4, aka train time, aka family weekend

Up to this Friday I have been moving about in the big(!) city of Malmö and living life without data on the phone has been easy. This weekend brought a train ride towards the countryside with it, and time for the biggest test of them all! The summer house have no internet connection any more, that went to heaven (or so) together with daddy, so now you have to bring your own. Thus, there was with trepidation that I sat down on the train together with my lunch this Friday mid-day.DSC_0770

DSC_0771And since I was a tad bit late in the booking of my train tickets for this trip, the outbound ride was a first class session that not only come with free coffee, they also have mini brownies!DSC_0772The train ride went surprisingly smooth for being me and jumping on the commuter train that take me from the fast train to the small village closest to the summer-house, there was a good surprise waiting for me.DSC_0774My second oldest cousin was on the train as well. He decided to arrive on location a day early for some male grooming and if I know him correctly, an opportunity to make new friends. So I could put my book away and have a lovely chat with him rather than sit and be grumpy over my lack of connection and inability to post pointless statuses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Surprises like that are always nice, I had a similar one a few years back with the older sister if this cousin. That time we were both travelling home to Gotham to attend our Grandmothers funeral, this time the reason was a bit more festive as that Grandmothers babybrother was celebrating his 80th birthday. Life works in wonderus ways sometimes.

I jumped of the train a stop or so before my cousin, he only got to wave to his aunt through the window of the train as she was waiting to pick me up and he continued to the city for a night in town (I have heard he had a good time). The evening without WiFi went smoothly as I have a couple of games on my tablet that doesn’t require you to be online all the time, so it almost felt like I was in civilization, and then of course I had the wonderful company of my mother.

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