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Day six and the best part of staying in a hotel

Nothing beats a good hotel breakfast and the hotel we stayed the night at, had a real nice one, including make your own waffles. Since someone might have been a tad bit hung over after last nights festivities the breakfast was pure heaven.DSC_0835 DSC_0832 DSC_0833 DSC_0834My eyes might have been a little bit hungrier than my tummy, even so I managed to finish almost all of it.

After breakfast, me and mother headed back to the summer-house and crashed on a couch each, me because I was just too exhausted from the festivities, who would know that going to a party for someone turning 80 can be so tiresome. My mother because she had some kind of bug, and had been a trooper for being out and about when she probably should’ve stayed home in bed.

I pretty much stayed on that couch until it was time to go home, something I was not in the mood for at all, I would’ve prefered to stay for one more day. I kind of slept most of the time, combined with some coffee ensure that I didn’t completely passed out.

One of the benefits of the crazy train-hopping that I’ve been doing lately is that they have a frequent traveller club and I have collected so many points that I’ve gone up one level. You know what that mean? No? Can’t guess? I’ll tell you, I get free coffee even when I’m not travelling first class (no mini brownies though).DSC_0836I made it home, all the way home. My stop is usually the last stop for the train so they kick me of I’m still sitting there when everyone else have gone of, nice to know that there’s no risk of waking up some place far away a few hours later.

And PS: When you sleep most of the day away, you don’t really notice that you are not connected to the rest of the world

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