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Day seven, eight, nine and ten – the return of the workaholic?

Wow, all of a sudden I was back to working full-time at work. It went pretty much over night as one of my colleagues needed a time out (come back soon, I miss you!) and I figured why not. I also realize that it’s been almost three years since I’ve been working full-time for real, since I was made redundant from my last job. Even though I was supposed to work six more months after they made me redundant, it wasn’t proper full-time as I didn’t have enough to do, was working from home and had more focus on other things than a company that made me redundant.

It feels good, and strange! I also started to miss working half-time pretty much straight away, so it was good that my first week back was a short week.

Thursday was a day home, for me only, and the best neighbour in the world that I went for lunch with. Here in Malmö we have one awesome bagel place called Bagel Street Café (I’m sure there are more, however only one that I found) that I don’t get to frequent as much as I would like to. My favourite is, surprise surprise, their sushi bagel. Mr Lion wanted to be in a picture as well.DSC_0841 DSC_0842The best neighbour in the world might have been less best when she lured me into The Body Shop and I accidentally celebrating working full-time with a new body lotion, green tea – awesome!DSC_0840After passing by the grocery store where the worlds best neighbor bought me a lollipop, I headed home for a quiet night on the couch.DSC_0844For some reason that didn’t happen and around midnight when my data returned on my phone, I found myself in Denmark. Oops!

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