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May 1st

In Sweden, the first of May is a holiday for everyone, in Denmark only for blue-collar workers. This year I believe it was combined with some other holiday (not sure, my source not being the most reliable) and everything was closed and the folks was out on the streets, well parks mostly. I started my afternoon in a quaint little old fashioned bodega that served yummy things like Red Turbog and Smørrebrød.DSC_0846DSC_0862While I was hanging out there Da Teacher was hanging in one of all the Copenhagen parks egging me to join the gang, it was tempting but every time I finished one chapter and wanted to head out the rain just started pouring down. However, in the end I got bored with sitting still and the company so out I went and the rain kind of stayed away (only kind of) for the rest of the afternoon and the park.DSC_0847 DSC_0848 DSC_0849I did realize that I might be getting a tad bit too old to hang out in parks1212 drinking beers now a days, as I spent more time being worried about the drunken teenagers, having this urge of wanting to call their mothers so they could come and collect their little babies and take care of them. Next year, I might be more grown-up in my approach to this day, maybe…

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