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The colour run

Sometimes I agree to the silliest things, like getting up way too early on a Sunday morning in order to go running while having colour thrown at me at random times. Well, I did agree however I refused to suffer alone and as Da Teacher is such an amazing friend, she got up way too early as well to cheer me on.

This is how happy (and clean) I looked before the race;BeforeThen I had to stand in the cold, and rain in just a t-shirt for a while before we headed out on the 5k run. I felt real sorry for my running company as he probably could have walked in the pace that I ran. I think the whole thing took about 40 minutes which was probably an all time low for him. I was pretty pleased with though.

And reaching goal Da Teacher was there waiting for us with a proper Danish tradition – beer!DSC_0881Even though I followed the instructions from the people who arranged the race and put oil in my hair before heading out, it wasn’t easy to clean. I washed it three times that night, and days later people still insisted that I had some pink left in my head.DSC_0882Still, if the color Run arrives in a town close to you, I suggest you go for it. It’s all about having fun not to run as fast as possible. There were plenty of people dressed up, some walking, some running and some rolling around in the colour stations. They don’t even time you!

You can find all you need to know about it here!

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