A Swedish Tourist in Copenhagen

My second week back working full-time was another short week, and after three days of eight hours of work a day, mother and the exchange student arrived in town. After a nice dinner out in Malmö on Wednesday night I woke up on Thursday heading out for a nice, yum hotel breakfast.DSC_0925

As the exchange student obviously isn’t from around here, she was really excited to head over to Denmark and even though I have been there for the past couple of weekends, it’s different to go with someone who haven’t been before. Sometimes I can remember the first time I went on that big bridge that take you to Denmark, after the years of everyday commuting you forget the awesomeness with the whole thing.

After trying both the train and the Metro we started our tour with Torvehallerne by Nørreport Station, and coffee with cake. DSC_0927This place is amazing, full of food displayed in such a way it’s hard to keep yourself from buying it. The also have restaurants serving anything from Tapas to Fish and Chips. I’ve been there to eat more than once before. If you find yourself in Copenhagen, it’s definitely worth a visit.DSC_0929After a slow start, we started our walk towards Nyhavn, a must for any tourist in this city. Rather than just passing by we took a tour on the canal boats, it never ceases to amazing me how different the tour is depending on the guide. I don’t know what I was doing during the tour, it seem that I didn’t manage to take a single picture. I guess because I’ve seen it all before, more than once – and I was in need of food and the ladies room, both which I got when we left the boat.

As we were being tourists we had lunch at one of the restaurants in Nyhavn, not the cheapest with the best service, sill there is a reason why they are always packed and that is the amazing atmosphere. I want to remember making mother once again wait for her food (think she might be getting a bit sick at it) so that I could take a picture, however the album on my phone disagrees. Neither do I have a picture of the view, I guess it’s all about priorities as I do have a picture of this;DSC_0932With beer and food in our bellies we got into hiking mood and walked down to the Little Mermaid, a cute little thing that for a while in my life I passed several days of the week. It’s a bit different when it’s been a while since last.DSC_0933The little Mermaid was as far as we went before turning back and started our walk back towards the train station and the train home. It’s not a short walk though as you manage to walk past some amazing Copenhagen-should-sees and the camera is getting hot from all the pictures.

[Insert cool pictures here]

Again, I think it comes down to priorities, it was a hot dusty day, we did loads of walking, we needed a pit stop and I was thirsty.DSC_0935Not far from the pit stop we ran into a Frozen Yoghurt place, and since my sister got me hooked when we were in Stockholm, I just had to have one. Problem was that there was so much to choose from that it became a small one, I simply couldn’t make up my mind.DSC_0937DSC_0938After all that one could think that we would go home for an early night. Instead we headed to Fagans for dinner and my fav quiz night and did a pretty decent job, in my opinion. Then day came to an end, and what a day! It’s fun to have people visiting that haven’t been here before.

Ps. I sincerely apologize or the overuse of the word after in this post, I’m just too lazy to go back and change it.

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