Germany 2015

Mexican evening with the colleagues

Miss Deutchland and me know each other through work, and she informed her team that I was coming for a visit this weekend, it appeared that a whole bunch of them wanted to meet and hang out! *feeling popular*.
So after coming home from the beach, having washed the sunblock and the sweat from lying in the sun, off, we headed again to the city center. Starting the evening of with coronas and nachos while waiting for the peeps that spent the day in the office.



It appeared that the place we sat down at made some pretty awesome cocktails of different sizes and of course I had to try them out, starting with a Mango mojito;


Moving on to a chili cocktail;


That was so yummy that I just had to get the larger version;


The slight burn from the chili’s in the drink was awesome and it felt like my body got a proper cleansing (probably would’ve been better without the alcohol to get a proper cleanse, but whatever). There was also a free shot from the restaurant, however I was to busy drinking it rather than taking a picture.
With a whole cocktail drinking table I can tell you that the poor guy that came to sort out the bill with us had a though time, I mean 7 cocktail drinking people who need to remember what they had…
This evening I also got to try out Essens amazing public transportation by night, but not before a quick stop at McD, meet my new friend Hans;


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