Posted in Germany 2015


Saturday was to come with colder weather so we decided that to be shopping day. Can’t say it was much colder, however the stores are closed on Sundays so it was my last chance.


So after another hotel-like brekkie we headed in to the center. Sun was shining and the mood was good, and there was entertainment 🙂 can’t go wrong with old ladies dancing.


My first purchase was an addition to my kitchen wall (need to buy more hooks), they didn’t have an Essen one so it had to be the area mug;


I opted against taking a photo of every shop we went into however in the afternoon after hours of walking and looking I felt my sugar levels go, and wham there was a Dunkin Doughnut;


Made me feel so much better. By the end of the day I came home with a new wallet, been looking for one for ages.


A new sweater, you can never have too many and it was down from €59 to €19, what a barging.


And something I really needed, a pair of shorts. That I’m wearing right now because I’m late getting ready for work and just had to do my morning yoga first.


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