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I’m starting to embrace train rides rather than fearing them

This weekend it’s time to celebrate my brother in-laws 40th birthday (wow, he’s getting old) so I need to go to Gotham City and hang with the family. However, since me and my mother are crazy busy people with our fantastic lives, we haven’t seen each other that much (compare to how it has been this spring) so I decided to take Friday off work to spend the day with her instead.

I was checking in with her, making sure she hadn’t made other plans for Friday, her answer was that she had counted on me showing up and wondered if I wanted to meet in Gotham or the summerhouse. Wow, what a though choice! I can tell you that one day in the summer house is better than a day in Gotham, every time. So now I’m sitting on the train towards the summer house.

The old workaholic me is returning though, as I’m sitting with my work PC in my lap writing this.

What can I say, I really like my work at the moment! But it’s only until 18:08, that’s when I arrive to my connection and the PC will be packed away for the weekend. Instead, I might open up the private PC that I have in the computer bag as well, and spend the weekend catching up on the blog.

I’m going back and forth wether or not I should bother with updating what’s been going on over the past month or not. I realized that I didn’t post a single thing during June, not because nothing happened but because I never got around to it. So I might put in the work to do that, or maybe I’ll just look forward and blog of the things to come.

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