Posted in Germany 2015

Returning home

All things have to come to an end, also my wonderful long weekend in Germany. Before being driven to the airport (awesome!!!) we stopped for a light dinner in a lovely Cafe. Salad anyone?


I also saw a real cool parking sign, nothing we see in Sweden really, please park on the sidewalk;


Reaching the airport I snuggled down with my book, it wasn’t to last though as apparently I didn’t have that much left of it, and with 30 minutes to departure I had finished it.
While packing for the trip a few days earlier I debated with myself on how many books to bring with me, and decided that I had too many. First it was the one that I was already half way through;

Then it was the one that someone who loved Hunger Games, just had to read;

And then there was the one that is ‘the new hunger games’ (hey, what would life be without hunger games??);
[insert pic here when gotten around to take one]

I didn’t expect to finish them all, so I was now sitting in the airport having nothing to read. I headed to the bookstore, it’s just that in Germany they don’t really love the English language that much so the selection was small and nothing that interested me so I left the bookshop again without a new book. As I was leaving I saw this;

Fredrik Backman is one of my fav authors and it’s fun that he’s being translated into so many languages, and that the airport in Düsseldorf has a whole window dedicated to him. (For my non-Swedish fans, most of his books are translated into English and I can highly recommend them).

So, without a book I had to enjoy my snack and free non-alcoholic drink on the plane.

Without a book I had to enjoy the train ride from the airport to home, and guess how happy I was (NOT!!!) when I walked out of the train station to this;

Well, that was all for me for now. I will see if I can be a better blogger in my everyday life, it’s just that with a fulltime job and a life to live, there doesn’t seem to be that much time left over for the blog. I hope that you can forgive me.

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