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Farewell my friend, you will be missed!

It’s with a sad heart that I’m writing this post. For many years now, twelweish to be exact, I’ve had a very trusted companion with me on my journeys around the globe. I have to admit that twelve years is a good run and I never thought that our friendship would last that long, as everything else also this friendship had to end.


This fantastic backpack that loyal readers of the blog have seen many a times, are no more (well, until my mother returns home and throw it out because I didn’t have the heart to do it) and I already miss it. I mean, what can beat the pocket for my cd Walkman?


The hole for the headphones?


The space for that flashlight I always have with me?


There are so many memories; Fiji,going empty almost to Berlin, a week or so in the states, trains, planes, boats, the list goes on.
I have, very coldly, replaced my loyal friend with a new one;


Who’s currently partaking it’s first train trip. It’s gonna take same time to get used to a new backpack and I really hope it will work out between us, the last backpack did set the bar pretty high.

RIP The backpack 2003-2015. Always remembered, never forgotten!

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