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Yesterday it was time for our tenth (!!!) monthly book circle meeting, I’m happy that it has lasted this long. This time around I was a bit late in ordering the book as it arrived in my book delivery earlier this week.


Luckily enough it’s the thin book at the top that we are talking about. So I manged to finish reading it right before meeting the rest. I headed to the restaurant an hour before and sat down with a glass of wine and my book.


This place is very close to where I live and had super comfy reading chairs, so it might be a new fav place to sit and read, just hope that their coffee taste as good as their wine.
The place is Mexican and had an interesting menu;


We did a little mix and match so I had a fish taco, a meat taco and a Quesedilla.



Super yum, a place that I want to go back to.


And apparently it’s a Marcus Samuelsson place, pretty cool as I find him to be an interesting chef.

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