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What a swell weekend

Even though I enjoy being out and about on planes and trains, and the destinations they take me to, some times a proper stay-at-home weekend beats all. After my Friday dinner I went home, closed my front door and didn’t open it again for the whole weekend. The weather Gods were not on my side as the presented me with fine weather on Saturday day morning.


Nothing could get me of track from enjoying the fruits of being back on a fulltime job and a weekend without plans. Part of my food shopping spree on Friday was fresh bagles and smoked salmon, so I’ve had luxury brekkies;


Enjoyed a couple of the books from the weeks book delivery;



A couple of my favorite snacks have been partaken while having a So You Think You Can Dance Marathon, tomato & mozzarella and chips and dip, score!!


Then of course, frozen pizza!


It’s been a heavenly weekend and waking up this morning I feel fresh and ready for the week, a week that will see a few of my colleagues returning from their vacations so the tempo at work might pick up a bit (I hope!).

Have a fab week ma peeps!

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