When life sucks

My little runaway

Last Tuesday was a rough morning, I woke up a bit late to a crazy thunderstorm and realized pretty quickly that biking or walking to work wasn’t really an option, thus it would be the bus. The bus happens to take me quite some time and I would be totally late (since I already kind of was). So I’m running around like a little crazy, trying to find clothes to wear while brushing my teeth and all that other stuff that seem to take at least twice as long when you are late.

Finally I was ready, rain boots and rain jacket on, rushing out the door, with the door open my brain clicks, something is wrong. I walk back a few steps and realize that what my brain had registered was the tarantula sitting on top of the drawers that I have in my livingroom. And with that I mean on top of the drawers next to the terrarium and not in it.

The first thing that pops into my mind is that some other tarantula magically managed to get into my apartment during the night and now was sitting there trying to get in to August for a cuddle so I actually check the terrarium to confirm that August is in there, she wasn’t.

I then checked the lid, which was on so my brain drew the natural conclusion that my spider now have managed to walk trough walls, ridiculous I know.

She wasn’t sitting still either and I got nervous that she would start climbing down, lose her way and fall down and die, so I got a bit freaked out. For you that don’t know it, I have a rather weird attachment to my spidy as it used to be my dads, so I’m freaking out a bit here.

It might be that she felt my stress and started to seem a bit agitated herself and not in the mood to be picked up and put back in the terrarium so I did the only thing I could think of. This being opening the lid, grabbing a big plastic box that I just happened to have standing around, and put it at the edge of the drawers, this way if she fell down it wouldn’t be that far.

Standing there with the box, staring at her, trying to will her to fly back in to the terrarium the magic happened. She turned around, saw her home on the other side of the glass and calmly climbed back in. The lid went back on, and a small rock added on top of it to ensure that the little runaway can’t get out again, and I headed to work.

Looking back, I kind of regret that I didn’t take a minute to take a picture of the little runaway enjoying her short time in freedom, I admit that it was the last thing on my mind though as all I wanted to get her back in the terrarium where she is safe and sound.

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