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Just another weekend

For the second weekend in a row I spent my time at home, it’s an amazing feeling even though I love all my little weekend trips to Gotham, Summer house and Copenhagen (even if the last one was a while ago now). I started the weekend with leaving work in a decent time to head home and enjoy the summer weather with a good book and a cold drink.

I can’t say that I was in the best of moods as I had a small disappointment, so I used the evening to have a little pity feast at home, and I approve of friends that indulge me in such behavior by leaving my fav ice-cream and a bag of chips on my door. Appreciated!

Saturday came with better mood and the want for a BBQ, so I invited some friends over, only one accepted which doesn’t matter because there was good food and later in the evening one of my neighbors showed up with some friends so I ended up sitting outside all evening long.

Then Sunday ended the weekend on a good note for me, Miss Legal and I met up for coffee and then we headed of on our bikes to the shopping mall. On such a hot day it was nice to have the about half an hour-long bike, then a couple of hours inside a cool mall before jumping back on the bike for another half an hour bike home.

Perfect weekend, how was yours?

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