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Dear Dentist, I really don’t like you!

When I was a kid, I had no real problems with going to the dentist then something happened and a visit to the nice teeth person started to cause angst and tears. What happens then is that you avoid going as much as possible and only put your foot at the dentist when the pain is too much to bear. Something else that happens, unless you are a super lucky person with maximum quality teeth, is that your teeth start looking like shit.

So, for me there is a long list of things that needs to be fixed, and for the last couple of years my excuse have been the lack of money due to being a student. Unfortunately I can’t use that excuse anymore so it’s time to face my fears and get this mess of a mouth fixed.

With the help of google I found a dentist that claimed that he specialize in people with fear of the dentist, however most of them say that now a days with better and worse result. What made me go for this dude though was his free of charge meet and greet.

So a couple of weeks ago I went to meet him, no poking around in my mouth or anything like that, just a talk about what my issues with the dentist are and what it is that makes me so uncomfortable with the dentist. I know that there is very few people out there that like it, I however can’t eat for a full day because my tummy hurt so much, my heart is pounding, I’m sweating like a pig and want nothing else but cry, and this was only for the meet and greet.

Talking to Mr Dentist, I understood why he focused on people with the fear of the likes of him, as he was a very calm person that took note of the issues and told me I did a real good job as many of his patients would start crying the moment they entered his office. He impressed me enough for me to take the decision that he will be my new dentist, together with some other factors – like the fact that his office is right in between home and work so it’s easy access.

Thus last week, I found myself back there again, this time for a poking around and the dreaded list of all that has to be fixed. I could tell that he took notes the first time I was there, and that he studied those notes before I came back the second time so he could avoid the things that makes me the most uncomfortable. I was impressed!

The list of things to do is not as long as I feared, however I will still spend this autumn with running to the dentist, spending loads of my hard-earned money. I also decided that the system of rewards will be put in place, so after my visit I went to get myself a mani-pedi. Finishing the day in a massage chair with a person taking care of my hands and feet, reading gossip magazines kind of took away the bad feeling from the dentist.DSC_0709 DSC_0710

However, I can’t get mani-pedi every time I go, so anyone have any good ideas for rewards that I can give myself after the dentist? Next Wednesday I’m going to fix a cavity so will need something big!

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