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BBQ with the old gang

Facebook is a pretty amazing thing, all of a sudden there is an invite for a BBQ over in Copenhagen with the old crowd. How can I turn that invite down? Well, first I had to rearrange the arrival of mother dearest, I did invite her to come along however she opted for arriving a day later instead.

As the BBQ was on my first day of vacation, I was a bit late arriving but as the boys had had some trouble getting the fires started it wasn’t a problem. Both the train gods and the weather gods seemed in a good mood, so I arrived without hassle to blue skies.

I was a bit bad at taking pictures, or most of the pictures I took aren’t appropriate to share here. I spent the most of the time just chatting away with people I haven’t seen in ages. Apparently I haven’t seen some of them in two years!!

The BBQ ended with some fireworks, not that dark outside as there where children that needed to go home and sleep so you can’t wait until the Scandinavian summer skies are dark. Strange how many little people are now taking part of these get-together’s, times are a changing.
DSC_0748 DSC_0750 DSC_0753 DSC_0758 DSC_0761

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