Posted in Vietnam 2015

Friends in the right places

After sleeping, walking around, sleeping and then walking some more and yes, finishing my last book! I got me a new book and some breakfast before it was time to get on my flight.


It was a quite empty plane so I had two seats to myself and could therefore lie down moat of the time, sweet!


Then came Düsseldorf and also here I had an redicolous amount of eight hours before my connection to Copenhagen (seriously crap planning!!!). Luckily enough I have a friend in Essen which is about 25 minutes on the train from Düsseldorf airport and she didn’t have any plans for this afternoon.  So I jumped on the train and headed there.
We sat down for a drink, my last vacation beer.


After talking for a few hours we headed out to the Christmas market (me wrapped in an airplane blanket as I had no warm winter clothes with me) and had a look around before she dropped me back at the airport.



My final flight went without a hitch, at least to my knowledge as I slept the whole way. My luggage was one of the first to arrive (guess the traveling Gods took pitey on me after the long trip) so I could walk almost straight on to the train heading to Malmö.
Arriving on the Swedish side you nowadays have to show your passport, it’s a strange feeling and it kind of feels like the Europe I left two weeks ago isn’t the same as the one I now arrived back to. So much have happened.
At least I made it home and can sleep in my own bed tonight.
Peace out ma peeps!

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