Posted in Vietnam 2015

Half way home…ish

One could think that with all the traveling I do, I would know to check the times of the flights when I book and realize it’s worth the extra money to have shorter times between connections.
This day started in Ha Noi where we had a bit of sleep in before breakfast. Banan pancakes!


I then had time to watch Ritchie Ritch on TV before having a shower, finish the rest of my packing and check out and getting in to the car for the airport. I’m gonna miss being picked up in cars when I get home.


The first flight took us to Ho Chi Minh and came with a light snack.


In Ho Chi Minh there was a last goodbye to Vietnam before getting on the flight to Abu Dhabi.



That’s where I am now, I walked the Queen herself to her gate, she obviously paid more than I did for her flight then I did so she’s already in the air while I have another six hours before my flight for Düsseldorf boards.


Enjoying a coffee while charging my phone…fun times.

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