Vietnam 2015

First day home

It is nice to be away, it’s also nice to be back home, especially when your neighbour have been by with breakfast food so you can have a cup of Swedish coffee and sandwich.

Travelling home also meant a 30 degree drop in temperature and I had to scrape of the ice from my bike before heading to work. Just a tad bit different than the past two weeks.DSC_1288

Work was semi efficient, I managed to clear my inbox at least. I left a bit early due to pure tiredness. To avoid going home and crash into bed, I did a pit stop on the corner that this eve had live music. It was nice to chill for a bit


After dropping of pressies with the neighbour I then went home and dug into the big box that was placed outside my door.DSC_1290

I had some problems with my food delivery this time around. I was expecting a box delivered yesterday, then I found out that I had missed out on cancelling the one for today. So I thought that I would have food overload. Luckily enough, there was problems with the delivery yesterday so that food didn’t arrive. Sometimes things just work out.


Dinner was thus meat paddies in pita bread with hummus and salad, yum! I even managed to stay awake until ten pm, wow!

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