Sweden · Trains

Monday morning

Enjoying a way to early train this morning as I’m heading south from Gotham city. The new year has brought new time tables for my trains and my 8:25 train is no longer. So for me to be at work in a reasonable time I now have to take a 7:40 train! Crazy! It’s worth it to get Sunday evening on mummy’s couch.
It’s not that long since I arrived home from Gotham (last Saturday after almost a week and a half at home for Christmas and New years) however my sister had to squeeze out a child in the beginning of the year five years ago, so I had to go home again this weekend for birthday celebration.
It wasn’t that horrible since my present this year was a movie visit. Me and my adorable youngest niece (that has her aunty wrapped around her little finger (so does the adorable oldest niece as well)) had some time just the two of us watching The Good Dinosaur and eating loads of snacks.


She was also sweet enough to want to bring some home for her older sister. And I was forgiven for not bringing a present that she could open as there where others, her grandmothers and great grandmother).
Sunday brought Christmas present time, as me and my sister got a spa day for our mother and I got the same thing from my sister under the Christmas tree. We started with brunch;




Before hanging out in saunas with different aromas, the citrus tea sauna did wonders for my cold, different pools, a dark therapy room and then a light therapy room. An afternoon passes quickly at this place;



I really hope that we can do it again soon!
Now time for my train brekkie and a nap time before throwing me into what is looking to be a crazy day at work.


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