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One of my proudest moments…really

This morning I arrived home from a relaxing weekend in Denmark, and I should have realized that something would go wrong, the train ride home went without a hitch. I should have know!

As I was getting close to my building I started looking in my purse for my keys, and couldn’t find them, you know how it is; a purse full of crap (like 3d glasses for a grown-up and one pair for a child, receipts, and all sorts of other junk). As I’m standing infront of the front door, one of my neighbors was on her way out so she let me in, and I figured that I could just keep looking for the keys, my spare keys by the way, when I was inside in the warmth.

Apparently my staircase is being re-painted this week, so two painters had the pleasure of first seeing me turn my purse up-side-down, pouring the full contents on the floor. Not finding what was looking for, I did the same with my backpack – without luck! Thus, the keys, my spare keys, were no where to be found! Awesome start to the Monday morning.

I then proceed to try to call the buildings caretaker, since I’m pretty sure that he has a spare key of mine, he didn’t pick up the phone and the two painters, that was making quick progress up the stairs with the painting, informed me that the caretaker was on vacation in Sri Lanka for another week – no luck there and I was on my way to start looking for a locksmith.

That’s when I remembered that the company that provides me with a cleaning lady every other week has a copy of my key, so I proceeded to call them. It turns out that the cleaning lady comes in on Monday mornings to get all the keys for the weeks cleanings, and guess what! My apartment is being cleaned this week, so she had my key, she was also about an hour outside of the city not returning until this afternoon. However, as she is a bit closer than the caretaker, I figured that a key this afternoon would be better than no key – cleaning company promised to call when she had stopped by with the key.

Now what? I left Denmark at six in the morning to make sure that I made it in time for a nine o’clock meeting (at this point I had already called and informed my work about my complete lack of control of my house keys), and there was no way I was going to sit around outside my apartment until two (that was when the expected delivery of my key would take place) so I called my neighbor. She just happened to have a late day at work, so she could let me in so I could freshen up, leave my backpack and then bike of to work.

Now you think I’m one of those smart people that have my home key and my bike key on separate key chains, I don’t! It’s just that I have been running around with both my bike keys in my purse for about a month, brilliant!!!

It’s not the first time I lost keys, and probably wont be the last time…having a chip surgically inserted as well as a code lock on my door have been suggested! Now all I need is to have at least four copies made of the key I’m getting this afternoon, preferably as soon as possible. The only roadblock here might be that the only one that could write me a permission slip  to make  copies of my key is in Sri Lanka…

How has your Monday been this far?

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