Birthday Season

And thus, the birthday season continous

Today it’s actually my birthday, yey happy birthday me, and it has been a fabulous day.
A nice lunch with good colleagues;


Tradition is to bring cake to work. Since one of my colleagues is absolutely fantastic at baking I have successfully managed to outsource the baking to her, seriously check this out.



During the day another friend texted me and asked if she could take me for a pedi this afternoon. Do I have awesome friends or what? Massage chair and someone looking after your feet while you can just sit and chat away about whatever. Awesome!!


Then it was homeward where the best neighbor in the was cooking me dinner, chicken roast. Can the day get any better?


Well, yes! Because there was leftover cake and my fantastic mother sent me flowers;



I then finished the day off with a glass of wine. Technically I said no wine because I’m being picked up at seven thirty tomorrow morning for a little business trip, however one glass is no glasses and two is one.


So now I’m in bed with a good book just chillin thinking that I’ve had pretty much a perfect birthday.
And, not to forget a call with my sister and a card from the mother-in-law 🙂


Yey for being me! Peace out ma peeps.

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