What a day

So I was picked up at 7:20am for a day trip to a place called Örebro. On the way to the airport my colleague was making jokes about the fog and a tiny planes ability to land and take off in it. He shouldn’t have done that as when we entered the airport our plane wasn’t on the screen, and within a few minutes it was announced that we needed to contact ground staff.
As it turned out the plane had been diverted to another airport due to the fog and we were to travel there by car. I have never received a boarding pass for a taxi before, however they stuck one in my hand before we could get in the car.



After about an hour in the car we arrived at Kristianstad airport where they had to open it up for us before checking us in and letting us on the giant plane.




The good part about flying is that you finally get to see the sun and blue sky, amazing for the soul even if it’s only for a short while.


The flight time was shortened to 50 minutes from the original 70 thanks to the drive (?!?!) and we arrived at our destination only an hour later than planned.


Straight to the Örebro office where the staff was waiting, we had about a half an hour session before lunch and then four intense hours after before heading home again. Bye bye Örebro;


The fog was now gone in Malmö and we flew in to the most amazing sunset, that looked better in real life than on picture;


Sitting in the taxi homeward I’m dying to take of my shoes, that for once isn’t uggs and just chill. It’s been real long since I was on a business trip last, and now I remember why it made one so tired.
Peace out ma peeps!

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