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Birthday season activities

So, from my mum I received tickets to one of the shows, out of 5 million, that we have here in Sweden to decide which song that we’ll send to the Eurovision. It’s a quite important thing here if you exclude the people that thinks it’s silly or embarrassing or just plain stupid (want to remember that my brother-in-law was one of those people until he became the father to a couple of daughters).
To get in the mood for the evening, that’s all about glam and gayness, we actually went and got a couple of boas, white for mother and pink for me. Don’t I just make looove to the camera?


We also figured that burger and a soda is da best dinner when at a glam event!


It just got better when we walked to out seats, my mum unknowingly got us super fab tickets as we sat right infront of the audience platform. So I’ve seen a super cool dress (that weighed 15k) up front…amongst others.





Seriously, birthday season is awesome this year as well!!!

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