Posted in Thailand 2016

And the vacation keeps going

Instead of paining you with the amazing brekkies I’ll move on to the snacks, Danish dark bread with perfect tomatoes and cheese…awesome.


Then I might have finished another book…


Since the days are kind of the same, instead of showing you the pool in daylight you get it in the evening, beautiful!


I also found out that the amazing Sushi person opened a buffet restaurant, so of course we had to try that one as well.

After buffet we headed into town to visit old friends that I go to know previous years visiting Hua Hin. One of them now have her own bar.

And then there is the rose girls.

DSC_0676I understand that buying flowers from these kids only help the trade grow, and that most of the money go somewhere else. I also understand that us buying them sodas and give them money without getting flowers doesn’t really do anything good in the end. I would love to help these kids in a way where they can go to school, and live a life where they don’t have to spend evenings and nights selling roses and other things. If anyone know about a charity or organisation that helps these kids, please let me know and I will try to sort out some donation.

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