Posted in Thailand 2016

All good things come to an end

In one way, since the weather got too hot and I had been away before, I was actually longing to get home. Still, I do like Hua Hin and don’t wanna go home if you know what I mean. I might or might not be back again next week, it all depends on the turns life take.

Last day was like the rest of them, not at all eventful. The evening was spent with the friends parents as the friend already left so the camera wasn’t really out for the dinner and all that jazz. But hey, it was out for the jazz because that’s how I ended my stay in Hua Hin for this time. Jazz in the park.


Jazz in the bar.


I can really miss these jam sessions, whoever wants to play gets to play. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s less good. It doesn’t matter that much because we all have a good time. In Malmö I haven’t even managed to find a good jazz place.

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