Thailand 2016

Going home

It was an early start with the alarm set for five am. My hosts were very kind and set their alarms for five thirty to wave me of. So after one last breakfast, off I went.


Or should I say we, as my host was kind enough to give me a ride to the very empty bus station.

I managed to sleep most of the ride up and woke up in time to see the massive airport in a distance, pretty cool.


I arrived just in time to manage security, immigration and a quick drive by at the duty-free to arrive at the gate when boarding was in the middle somewhere. Perfect, no point of being the first or the last on the flight.

The food wasn’t as good as the way out, still edible though.

As we arrived in Istanbul on time this time around I had enough time to sit down for some coffee and OJ, as well as checking out some stores before it was time to board the last flight. Which turned out to be an old depressing Star Alliance plane and not the cool new Turkish Airline one.

Arriving home I now have to pass through three passport controls before getting of the train in Malmö, this is due to the Swedish government’s idiocy and lack of knowledge of any other region then the capital one. I also landed to the sad news about the bombings in Brussels airport that happened while I was in the air.

I will admit to making jokes about the Turkish Airline tickets being so cheap due to the bombings taking place in Turkey lately, and somewhere in the back of your mind there is that worry that they might take their bombs of the streets and into the airport. Weirdly and sadly it’s with a sense of relief that it wasn’t the airport that you travelled through that was hit.

It was a rude awakening coming home after a wonderful vacation, that ISIS are still around trying to scare the living shit out of the world in some weird campaign to do what? Scare us all into becoming radical muslims?

I realize that I got of topic, apologize, I want to leave you with this though:

Not all Muslims are radical ISIS warriors. ISIS doesn’t equal Islam, and never meet hate with hate!

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