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Double feature and quality time!

What a weekend!

The reason for going home this weekend was Shakespeare (any excuse ma peeps!) and a double feature at the Gotham Opera together with mother dearest and grandmother.

Friday night started out nice with an evening on the couch at moms, and the calm before the storm.

Saturday woke up fairly late, had coffee, had shower, went to the city to meet a friend I haven’t seen in over a year, home to change clothes, to the aunty for cousin-celebatory-dinner, to the Opera and enjoy a FANTASTIC showing of Macbeth, home to couch and watch Eurovision (wrong song won), pass out in bed.

Sunday started a bit more slow, coffee, walk to grocery store, run into sister, go watch oldest nieces football practice (took Picture, not allowed to publish), go home with sister, more coffee, Eurovision again (wrong song won again), bleach roots, cuddle with nieces, home, eat dinner, change clothes, to opera in order to watch Hamlet become king, home, watch crap TV, pass out in bed.


Monday morning, why do I do this to myself? 07:40 train (with brekkie)!

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