Posted in Sweden

After Monday there is Tuesday…

One would think that after a Monday like this one would benefit from a quieter more relaxed Tuesday, but no! The alarm was set for 5:30 am so that I could pack and get ready for a 6:48 train (still think than anything before 8am is still night). Pretty impressed with myself for making it to the station with time to buy breakfast.


I feel like I’m pushing my luck with three train trips in one week, the trainjinx is bound to kick in and as this mornings ride went without a hitch I guess is the ride home tomorrow. However, when work calls you answer…or something like that.

After a busy day in the office, where I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures we headed to our hotel for check-in and found Fika in the lobby. If you don’t know what Fika is I suggest you Google it. I only took a picture of the first round…there was three in total.


After sitting around for a bit, enjoying the cakes we changed into our running gear for an afternoon run. Sadly enough I was the one insisting on going for a run because I missed out on a medal opportunity this evening.


Running is easier when there is a reward at the end, and today that reward was hot water in a beautiful view.


Then the great finale, dinner! The perfect way of ending a very, very, very long day! Fantastic dinner.

Tomorrow will also begin earlier than usual, however with a day like this I do not doubt that crashing will happen early and sleep will be deep. Peace out ma peeps!

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