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When does one qualify as a morning person?

This morning I woke up at five am to make my 5:15 taxi that took me to the airport for a very early flight. This far I’ve had one morning a week like this since I started my new job and I’m starting to get worried about my status as “as far from a morning person that one could be”.


Today I didn’t get lucky with a direct flight and a very short stop in the capital made me miss home as I left a very sunny Malmö to be met by this;img_20160608_081621.jpg

Arriving at my final destination ment blue skyes though, so not too bad, the wind is absolutely nuts so not too bad to be stuck inside all day.

After yet another long day I headed to the hotel that is quite nice and had an evening meal included and what a meal.

A very happy camper missed the chance of a massage by ten minutes, as I didn’t realize there was a Spa attached to the hotel until I was waiting for the elevator after dinner. That would have been super nice, if I ever come back though I know, and I have a discount voucher. For now I’m crashed out on bed waiting for the TV evening to get started, Bones then NCIS then NCIS Los Angeles and then bed. Have another long day ahead of me tomorrow.


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