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Be careful what you wish for

Yesterday I was wishing every day was hotel brekkie day…I then arrived to the airport to find out that my flight was almost two hours late departing. This meant that I missed my connection in Stockholm and got stuck there. What do you do when stuck in an airport?


As my mother was supposed to meet me on the other side we where texting back and forth as I was totally down about realizing that I would be stuck I. Stockholm for the night and wake up to, yup that’s right, another hotel brekkie until she reminded me that crazy aunty godmother lives in the capital.


Can’t say it was easy to get hold of the capital family, as I sat down on the plane they finally got back to me and offered to pick me up at the airport, awesome!!
Arriving in Stockholm wasn’t as efficient as I hoped for though, we where all sent to a servicedesk with one person working, very slowly that is, to be re-booked for the morning flight, so I thought. After waiting in line for over 30 minutes I was informed that the lady couldn’t check me in as my next flight was with another company. Turned out we had all been re-booked already and the que was for check-in, hotel and money vouchers…information guys???


Poor uncle was sitting in his car outside waiting during this debacle. Trust me SAS will hear about it, I’m in a complaining kind of mood.
Felt so much better when I got to the family though, bunny cuddle and good beer and family time is sooooo much better than hotel brekkie!



After keeping my poor cousin up until twoish (I kidnapped her phone) I didn’t get much sleep before the taxi came picked me up this morning. Way to early it appears as the taxi app expected an hours drive that only took 25 minutes. Well it gave me time to spend my fantabolus vouchers…


Let’s just hope that my flight departs as it should so I can enjoy this Friday off properly.

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