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Couch oh couch!

Enjoying a very chill evening on my very own couch in my very own home, feels kind of nice. Had a good start to the day as I could sleep in before heading downstairs for breakfast. Didn’t eat that much though after yesterdays food feast.dsc_0471.jpgdsc_0473.jpg

After a few hours of grown-up talk there was more fantabolus lunch. I wanna move in to this place…dsc_0475.jpg

Finishing of the day with candy and more grown-up talk I wasn’t in the slightest mood to sort out dinner in the evening so I went down to the corner and had someone serve me food, grilled prawns with salsa and bread…dsc_0477.jpg

Then it was home to the couch where I’m still sitting and just enjoying the fact that I’m home, trying to ignore the fact that I have three busy days ahead of me before getting on another plane (pleasure this time, not work) on Friday.

Well, bed time for me ma peeps, sleep tight!

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