Posted in Essen 2016

A tradition has been created

After another sleep-in (seem both me and my friend was much in need for sleep) we had a quiet brekkie at home.


We then headed out for a walk and something I learnt all about while visiting Essen last year, Spaghetti Eise. It’s ice-cream with food names that taste totally fab. We eat it in a really beautiful area of Essen, so it’s not only the ice-cream we are after it’s the scenery as well.

This time around we followed the advise of my friends dad and visited a church in the area;

And as I have been in almost every church since my dad passed away, I lit a candle. The poor very much non religious dad must be turning in his grave, as it’s also churches of all different faiths. That’s what you get for dying! (note that I only lit one of them)


After beautiful nature we stuck with being cultural and visited an art museum. The museum is free on Sundays, however it wasn’t appreciated that we walked in through the back door anyhow. I think that maybe they shouldn’t leave the doors open then…but that just me.


As usual with museums there are nice paintings and then there are the weird paintings that make you question who decides what’s art and what’s not. One painting was just a canvas painted black (????).

They did have a pretty cool section on Asian posters, where I found these two. They make a very valid point;

After being all arty serious we stopped for dinner, and I must say that Essen provides a very wide selection of yum food to decent prices. I stopped counting the times where I’m sure that they must have missed something on my tab.


After dinner it was already time to head to the airport, and of course my flight was delayed. At least my gate was located right next to the smoking lounge (dear Camel, any advertising money is more than welcome in my bank account) and I had a good book to read.


Even with the delay we arrived in Copenhagen on time, still I missed my train with a couple of seconds only. Travel isn’t really for me, is it? At least it seem like the Swedish police have decided that scary refugees don’t arrive late Sunday night so we were spared the passport control on the Swedish side so the trip wasn’t to painful.

As much as I like travelling, it’s nice to not have any plans for doing more so in a while.

Peace out ma peeps.

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