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Travel not always required

Since I’m still in the honeymoon phase at my new job (please let it last forever) Monday mornings aint that bad. A tad bit tired after arriving home late last night and not being able to sleep straight away, still fun to go to work.

Haven’t been cooking that much lately (for recurring readers, you might have noticed) so I had no food to bring with me to work today, thus I had to go out for lunch with a couple of my collegues. Can’t really go wrong with Cesar Salad.


Then, for some reason I’m not completely clear about, there was ice-cream in the office (again!) today. It tasted amazing.


Not working overly late I decided to go do some shopping, it was time for a new toy! Just so that you know, it’s my sisters fault that I bought it, she has one and let me use it. It’s just too much fun and I’m sure that my home will become more organized with one of these in here.


So, you don’t have to go travel to eat good food, nice ice-cream and do random shopping for things that you don’t really need, you can do all of that right at home 🙂

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