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Fun with work

I still haven’t really gotten my head around the swedish way of doing after work that includes booking people’s calendars about a month in advance, make reservations at places to eat and as this time – planning activities.

For me an after work is when you spontaneously go for a beer after work.

Anyhow, this Tuesday the after work fun started during work as my colleague pulled a floor piano out of his magic bag and I got to have a small BIG revival in the office.


A bit after four the general fun started with hanging out in the park. As I made my way to work in the morning it was absolutely pouring down rain and I had low faith in the park part of the plan, however dad pulled through with the remote control again (it’s all about having connections in the right places) and the sun peeked out.

We then headed for the restaurant (and this is where it’s not really and after work anymore, rather an evening out I would say) where our table was waiting for us.

It was a place I haven’t visited before and had no idea what to expect, it turned out to be a Tapas place with soooo much yum yum food. Took some time before I felt hunger again I’ll tell you that.

My colleague with the magic bag (his kids toys that he borrowed for the park) was brave enough to try the squid, looks cool…still wouldn’t eat it…dsc_0607.jpg

It was a nice evening with no drama, despite alcohol being included, so I have a feeling that this thing with my new colleagues might actually work out.

We ended the night with me dragging the still standing gang to my corner, closed it down and an even smaller group finished the evening with one last beer at Lilla Torg, the place to go for the last beer of the evening. However there are no pictures of this part of the evening so you have to trust me when I say that no colleagues where harmed and all of them were returned home in one piece.

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