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Like the rest of my colleagues I left the office early today to make it home in time for the game. We all think that Italy is gonna win, still everyone wants to watch it.
I stopped by the post-office to pick up a couple of packaged, to my surprise it turned out to be three rather than two packages, fun!


Two of them I obviously ordered, the next book circle book and a couple of others.


And a lamp I ordered using my Eurobonus points that where about to expire.


The third one was another book sent by one of my friends over in Denmark, much appreciated and I’m looking forward to reading it. Good friends I have!


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Lazy? Me?! Neve…yes

I think that this first month at my new job has just spoilt me crazy. I’m just too lazy to cook my own food apparently. So tonight I was dying for Surf Shack and couldn’t find a friend that wanted to go with me (buhu me), so I just ordered online and then went down and got it.

And to be honest thanks to one of my apps (Wrapp, if you want some space for advertising just let me know, I’m more than willing to do that for you if you sweeten my app) I ended up paying about 25sek (€2,60 or $3) for the meal.dsc_0483.jpg

And I was back home in time for Bones, but missed the first few minutes so no issue with eating meat this time around.dsc_0481.jpg

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Couch oh couch!

Enjoying a very chill evening on my very own couch in my very own home, feels kind of nice. Had a good start to the day as I could sleep in before heading downstairs for breakfast. Didn’t eat that much though after yesterdays food feast.dsc_0471.jpgdsc_0473.jpg

After a few hours of grown-up talk there was more fantabolus lunch. I wanna move in to this place…dsc_0475.jpg

Finishing of the day with candy and more grown-up talk I wasn’t in the slightest mood to sort out dinner in the evening so I went down to the corner and had someone serve me food, grilled prawns with salsa and bread…dsc_0477.jpg

Then it was home to the couch where I’m still sitting and just enjoying the fact that I’m home, trying to ignore the fact that I have three busy days ahead of me before getting on another plane (pleasure this time, not work) on Friday.

Well, bed time for me ma peeps, sleep tight!

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How about staying home?

So, I arrived home from the summer-house last night, I spent some time with the best neighbour on the planet before hitting the sack. This morning my colleague picked me up around eightish for a two-day team build thingy with work.

Of course it would’ve been nice to be home for a bit, since I’ve been away, still: morning snack;dsc_0441.jpg


My room;

Surroundings and hotel;

Watching Sweden suck at football (again);img_20160613_175232.jpg

And then to finish it of, dinner;dsc_0461.jpgdsc_0463.jpgdsc_0465.jpgdsc_0468.jpg


I refuse to complain!

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Five years of biking Tjejvättern

It started like a crazy idea back in 2012 that I somehow managed to get my mother and aunty to join in on.


In 2013 me and my sister used it to collect money for research into the weird disease my dad managed to get, my mother, aunty and her friend also joined.

2013 ligger på bloggen

When 2014 arrived, me and my mother decided to bike once again, however we also decided it was to be the last time. Problem was that we crossed the finish line and saw a special five-year medal. We also realized that we where more than half way there.


Thus we went again in 2015. None of us wanted to do it, none of us were in the mood which might explain our best time to date.2015

Then 2016 arrived and my body hated me, still there was no doubt that I was gonna finish the damn thing, it was the fifth year and that five-year medal loomed ahead. It was horrible, very part of my body ached in a way it never had before. Still, I made it and my sister with family was at the finish line to cheer us on.dsc_0428.jpg

We went for dinner, where I had myself a yum beer. And trust me, that hamburger tasted much better than it looked.

Then we went back to the summer-house, and as we arrived I received a second medal from my nieces;dsc_0434.jpg

This bike is now on the key for my bike and I really hope I can manage to not lose it as it is a fantastic memory of the fifth and hopefully final race. I now my mother wants to do it again next year, and it’s only five more times to that ten-year medal. And to be honest, the body doesn’t hurt that bad anymore…we’ll see…


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Better late than never

The flight this morning left on time and arrived on time, fantastic!


Mother met me at the airport and after dropping of my bag and drinking some coffee we headed to Motala to pick up tomorrow’s number tags. It’s the fifth year and that is written on there, cool!


We then ate a proper day before biking 100k lunch, pasta!


I might also have managed to do some shopping, there could be a new pair of shoes, a fleece jacket and a sweater that in one way or another have to fit into my small suitcase.
Arriving back to the summerhouse it was time to start making dinner to have it ready for the arrival of sister and family. Of course it’s classic Swedish fredagsmys, Tacos.


No wine or beer tonight, nothing can stand in the way between me and my five year medal.

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Be careful what you wish for

Yesterday I was wishing every day was hotel brekkie day…I then arrived to the airport to find out that my flight was almost two hours late departing. This meant that I missed my connection in Stockholm and got stuck there. What do you do when stuck in an airport?


As my mother was supposed to meet me on the other side we where texting back and forth as I was totally down about realizing that I would be stuck I. Stockholm for the night and wake up to, yup that’s right, another hotel brekkie until she reminded me that crazy aunty godmother lives in the capital.


Can’t say it was easy to get hold of the capital family, as I sat down on the plane they finally got back to me and offered to pick me up at the airport, awesome!!
Arriving in Stockholm wasn’t as efficient as I hoped for though, we where all sent to a servicedesk with one person working, very slowly that is, to be re-booked for the morning flight, so I thought. After waiting in line for over 30 minutes I was informed that the lady couldn’t check me in as my next flight was with another company. Turned out we had all been re-booked already and the que was for check-in, hotel and money vouchers…information guys???


Poor uncle was sitting in his car outside waiting during this debacle. Trust me SAS will hear about it, I’m in a complaining kind of mood.
Felt so much better when I got to the family though, bunny cuddle and good beer and family time is sooooo much better than hotel brekkie!



After keeping my poor cousin up until twoish (I kidnapped her phone) I didn’t get much sleep before the taxi came picked me up this morning. Way to early it appears as the taxi app expected an hours drive that only took 25 minutes. Well it gave me time to spend my fantabolus vouchers…


Let’s just hope that my flight departs as it should so I can enjoy this Friday off properly.