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A long way home 

One thing my family know how to do is breakfast, when we are all together there’s usually a large selection of food to be had. So also this time, I settled for cornflakes while my nieces had cheese doodles. 

Then nothing much happened as we where all recovering from the previous eve’s gala. I managed to get my sister to sort out my hair…pretty! 

Got some reading done;

Did some shopping as my cousin and her friends are making bracelets for a good cause.

And then it was suddenly time for lunch, leftovers rock!

And then it was suddenly time to head to the train and home. And since I’m so brilliant and such a good planner I arrived at the station at 20:47 – right in time for the European Cup final. We watched the first two halves at the station. 

Then, when it went to overtime we headed to another place called Drum Bar to see Portugal win, undeserved according to me.

Took a while before I could hit my own sack! Fun end to a fun weekend though. 

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