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Away, away

I’m very lucky in my job that I have the option to work from home, I utilized that possibility this week by heading to the summer-house Thursday after (it was supposed to be Wednesday night but the big Boss from HQ wanted a meeting on Thursday, can’t really say no because I’m going to the countryside).

A day less doesn’t really matter as I still get the full effect of shoulders down and family time. And seriously I’m so much more efficient when there’s no coffee machine to gossip over and colleagues to chat away with. So I missed one of dinners like these…


Friday eve after the computer is turned of, you can go blueberry picking with the nieces.


Then the weekend comes and no more work, instead you can do touristy stuff with the fam.

It was too chilly for being mid-July so I took it upon myself to start a small fire, a controlled fire that is. Cosy evening in the countryside coming up!


No matter how much time I have in the summer-house, it always passes real swift and Sunday came in a blink of an eye. Somehow I ended up with lawn moving duty. Not sure I should be allowed to handle machines like this, and I promise that I didn’t spill any of the gas on the ground. Really, really promise.


Then all of a sudden I found myself on the train home. Feeling much relaxed and ready for work the train gods where very kind to me, everything went so smoothly I feel I should be worried. If one jinx doesn’t kick in, I always feel like another one is coming and lately it has been more of a #trainjinxturnedplanejinx rather than just a #trainjinx. Lucky me I don’t have any flights booked until August.

Now it’s time to go to bed, way past midnight and someone has to go to work tomorrow.

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