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Just an ordinary Tuesday

My alarm is set for 8am, this morning wasn’t super easy after last nights champagne, I still made it.

The first thing I do in the morning is sit down and check out this view, a slow start.


Today I made my smoothie before watering the plants that really seem to be recovering.


I make my way to work through this beautiful park, quite relaxing and I will miss it as in a couple of weeks work is moving to a new location.


Did some working before going for fancy coffee.


Did some more work before going for yum lunch.


Worked some more before more fancy coffee.


I was supposed to go for a stand-up comedy show this evening, I was just too tired and lazy to move outside the reservation. Instead I sat down for a beer on the corner;


Then heading for sushi, no more home delivery as a place has finally opened around the corner. It isn’t the best sushi in town, it is however good enough and loads cheaper than ordering in. And today my Wrapp (any day now you are more than welcome to send those advertising money over) kicked in with both a punch card (five meals and then money back) together with I got some more people on the app money so it was another cheap dinner.

Then my need for winning totally beat my laziness as I set a challenge for myself to walk 10 000 steps a day, and I only had 6000 so I went for a walk around the block to sort that out. My phone even show me a small trophy when I reach, talk about feeling accomplished.


One could think that the day would end there, however, my friends from Gotham was still in town and this eve it was the boys turn to hit the town as the ladies was out Monday night. Oh dear! A bit too much for a school night (the reason this is being posted Wednesday rather than Tuesday), not really sure what time I got home. Not really grown up.

And agin, not really a normal Tuesday – seems like I picked the wrong week to tell you about my normal Life.

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