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Trainjinx turned planejinx 

For years now I’ve been having trouble with the trains, anything and everything than can go wrong have a tendency to do so when I’m around. Also this morning and I was only taking the train two stops.

It started with troubles with the ticketing machine, and as I came down to the track there was a train standing there. That train was due to leave 20 minutes before mine, and when that happens you get on and go because you don’t know when the next one is leaving. Thus, I was a little bit early to my destination as I would’ve been anyhow because I always take a train earlier than needed for important dates. So I had some time to do nothing.

I was waiting for my boss to pick me up for a drive to the Malmö airport, and I think it’s safe to say that I still haven’t been on a flight that left on time from that place, at least not that I can remember.

That meant that we had time for a coffee, and I hope SAS forgives my boss for smuggling some out of the lounge.

After a not too long wait we got on our flight and they where nice enough to keep our connection in the Capitol so that we could make our destination on time 🙂 

Good thing there as I had a pretty cool Monday.

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Flee market cancelled 

Waking up on Sunday morning after a week of fantastic weather, was quite the disappointment as the rain was absolutely pouring down. 

So instead of standing on a square selling the things I worked so hard on sorting and packing I stayed inside. To be honest, my body appreciated it as it was hurting a bit from the previous nights personal best. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner all in my Pj’s, totally the best way of spending a Sunday.

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Run, run, ran

The clock finally turned race o’clock and I headed over to the starting point with all the other little lemmings in the same outfit. 

The start was full of fireworks and over excited people cheering you on, telling you have fantabolus you are just for showing up.

At the time I didn’t feel too fantabolus, I started to watch the three musketeers on the telly while waiting so I was more in the mood of finishing that.

When you start running though, it all feels better and the setting was perfect, not to hot or cold, a small breeze that kicked in when you felt too hot and loads of lights. They did a very good job at setting up alternative light sources in the parts of the race that otherwise would’ve been to dark.

The conditions and the people around me made me run fast, and I was real worried that I wouldn’t manage the whole race, I did and reached the goal after an hour and 12 minutes, a new personal best. 

I guess the promise of the first beer since last of July was the best incentive ever.

The only disappointment with the evening was the medal, how can they hand out medals without a string? Now I can’t hang it with the rest of my medals, such a waste.

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Waiting for tonight 

I stayed up late last night to sleep late today, thus I woke up 8:20 – fantastic. My race this eve starts at 10PM, so a long day that includes hydrating properly, and of course it happens to be what feels like one of the hottest days of the year.

Eating properly, both breakfast and pasta lunch, need those carbs (I think it’s carbs anyhow) to manage the race!

I’ve spent most of the day packing up stuff for tomorrow’s flee market as well as throwing things out. How about some canned food that expired in 2013? I can’t believe how much stuff I have just sitting around, the worst being the clothes with the price tag still there. Something needs to be done!

With the weather being so nice had to get some fresh air and my daily dose of Mango Frapino, while checking out when they are setting up for tonight. 

It’s a very slow day, kind of like waiting for Santa. I’ve gotten so much done and still there’s five hours before I start 😦

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Just a random day off

A couple of weeks ago, when I realized what a hectic fall schedule I managed for myself, I was looking through my work calendar and saw that this Friday was empty. I immediately booked it and put vacation into the system.

This morning there was no alarm and the work phone is turned off. When I woke up and crawled into my new favorite pants, I love them so much and are totally gonna live in them this weekend, and settled down with my todo list .

The list includes fun stuff like paying for the new kitchen, booking trains for the fall trips to Gotham and packing stuff for Sundays flee market. 

I managed most of the list before lunch, including picking up the race shirt and chip for tomorrow night’s 10k.

Since I was out and about, I splashed on a lunch on the town, healthy salad 🙂 and of course dessert.

All this while listening through Brittney Spears new album because all over the Internet it says that it’s super fab and her best ever. With the risk of stepping on someone’s toes, I don’t see what the fuss is all about and her old stuff is so much better, this was just boring. That’s just me though.

Hope you aren’t working too hard ma peeps, I’m gonna finish my Frapino before enjoying the rest of my day off, it’s only noon after all.

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Quality time with the fav Latte Mum

Me and Latte mum are no longer practically neighbours, it’s been a while since she deserted me for suburbia. Still, we try to meet up regularly to eat sushi and just hang.

This time it was for me to travel to Lund where we started with dinner, fantastic and fun sushi at Bonsai Sushi bar, totally worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.


We then accidentally stuck our nose in a bookstore and I managed to spend the last bit of a gift card that’s been in my wallet for I don’t know how long.

Walking and talking took us past the new students that are running around town doing silly things.


Lund City park, a place that I have managed not to visit even though I spent a few years studying in this city, was full of students and Pokemon chasers this eve. Also a bird that seemed to be working on escaping its confinement.


Walking back towards the station we walked past this quaint little place, I would love to go and sit down there at some point. Looks like a chill place and a part of the magic with Lund, you never really know what to find but you know it’s full of interesting palaces.


All good things have to come to an end and so did this evening. All talked and walked out I sat down on the train that would return me home.


Thanks ma Latte Mum for another fab evening, let’s do it again soon 🙂

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It might be the weather 

Another morning when I woke up before the alarm, not as early as yesterday but early enough to consider going for a run.

I think the effects of quitting smoking is diminishing as I opted for staying in bed. It’s nice to just lie in bed and catch up on what’s been going on during the night.

Still, I have to go work. Why not go past the coffee place while I’m walking? No reason why not…mmmm cappuccino.

I don’t really feel that my hair is glimmer or glistening red in the sun either. I didn’t manage to get any good pictures of it though so I might ask one of my colleagues when we are out for lunch.