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Wow, what a first of August 

I gave up on the posts for my ordinary days, I picked the wrong week for it. Don’t think I had a single ordinary day as the week ended with a visit from my mother.

This week, the first day of the week is also the first day of the month as well as the first day in our new offices and because of that my first day of quitting smoking.

The first seven hours where easy, as I was sleeping through them. 

I walked to work, because it’s just to close to do anything else. Since I couldn’t smoke I stopped for coffee and was super disappointed when my Wrapp app didn’t kick in with a punchcard…

Heading to the office and all the first day hiccups was a bitch and my poor colleague had to listen to my bitching, complaining and being overly frustrated because all I really wanted was nicotine. It did get a bit better when I could leave the building at lunch time. New office, new restaurants to discover, today: pasta (and a punchcard). 
I kind of figured that with all the firsts I might as well have another one, so I headed to my gym for a pilates session. A gym adapted pilates session…I have never heard of pilates push-ups before. That might just be me though…

All the healthy living makes me hungry, Sushi dinner anyone?

Doesn’t really feel like I’m going to be saving any money on this quitting smoking thingy. As after dinner I headed to the store for snacks.

Cheap chocolate my ass, and I accidentally bought a very, very expensive yoga magazine as well. Let’s see it as a long-term investment in my health of something like that.

Now it’s time for bed, when I wake up tomorrow my quit smoking app should awarded me at least one badge. The app speaks to my need to win.

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