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Just run through the pain 

Problems with sleep comes around every time I quit smoking, still waking up at 4am is no fun. I managed to push opening my eyes properly until 5 when I had to get up and eat. Another thing that quitting does to so you, you get hungry.

I then used my overpriced yoga magazine for about 20 minutes of yoga, and then managed to drift back to sleep. Fantastic!! 

Work was horrible as I’m super emotional, grumpy and just plain nasty. Tears where just around the corner the whole time and at one point I had to go hide in the bathroom. Crying at work, my absolute favorite thing to do – thanks for that nicotine.

I have to remember that it’s for a good cause and all that jazz.

Come lunch it got better though, met up with my replacement for lunch at the yum, yum Misoteket. 

Good food and nice company does help your mood!! So thanks for that Miss Sophie, same procedure next month 🙂

Instead of an after-lunch smoke I enjoyed a Mango ginger frapino. Yep, saving loads of money on this quitting smoking thingy – not!!!

Afternoon went easier and I played it safe with just updating our intranet…which means I have loads to do today. And even though I was still in pain from the Monday session of pilates I headed to park orientering and just ran through the pain. I was so focused on the mission at hand that I didn’t think of taking a single picture, healthy I guess.

Did remember Runkeeper!

Dinner was the laziest in a long time, I was so happy when I found a frozen pizza in the freezer, seriously couldn’t leave the couch last night. Running through the pain is fine while you are running, afterwards it hurts like hell!

Peace out!

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