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After rain comes sunshine 

I kind of figured that it couldn’t get much worse than it did on Thursday and this far I’ve been right. It doesn’t hurt when the day starts with cuddly nieces and Oscar Zia (didn’t get to cuddle with him though) at the now yearly visit to swedish state TV summer break morning program for kids…

When the live TV recording was over, I had to head to work while the rest of the family kept enjoying having the day off. That meant having to pretend to be a grown-up for a bit, eat food (that looks fantastic, however it was waaaay to salty)  with the colleague and then leave again…


It was Friday, the sun was shining and family was in town so I did go for a fairly not too late Friday in the office so I could meet up with the sister and girls in the park for a bit. She then ditched the kids with their dad so we could have a slow walk back to mother-in-laws place. It’s always nice with sister-time.

Then classical Friday food here in Sweden, Tex Mex!


The girls finished watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory, big sacrifice for me to watch it with them, before they headed to bed and grown-up TV came on – British Crime, some of the best things about summer TV, that and all the old crappy movies they show.

Wow, that was such a better day than Thursday, and know what? I don’t think I cried a single time…

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