Posted in Quitting Smoking, Work

Beware of the nicotine monster

At least I’m not crying anymore, not sure being an irritated biatch is that much better. Today at work I just felt how rude I was to my collegues so I did what any smart person do…you put up a warning sign.


Even though I wasn’t that big of a fan of the Pilates class I attended last week, I decided to give it another chance today. Still not sure I like it, still I’m sure it’s good for me and I managed to start a new tradition…sushi afterwards.


Feeling surprisingly restless and wanting cigaretts more than I expected after a week it’s a good thing that I have a kitchen to plan…good distraction. That and starting to clear out amongst my things. I think I have mentioned earlier that I have too much stuff, and I don’t want do bring all of it into my new rooms.


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