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I made it!

I was worried about the weekend, it’s one thing to go to work and keep busy during the week, come weekend distractions are harder to find…usually. As I mentioned in the last post, Friday eve was spent with sis and the nieces.


Come Saturday I managed to sleep a bit late as I tried to stay up for the Olympic opening cermony. Then I had somewhere I had to be at 11, and because I’m worth it I spoilt myself with Cortardo and muffin.


You know when you have an arrend to run and you do that, it’s just that you end up with other things as well (like a couple of hoodies, new purse, some t-shirts and comfy sweatpants) with the excuse that you are worth it? Well, I aint saving any money on this quitting smoking thing.

While being busy, Miss Legal invited me over for coffee so I headed over there for a lovely chat, fruit from the fruit garden and some more cheering on for being a good girl and quitting the cancer sticks.

After all that it was easy to head home, get some dinner and snacks and then just hang on the couch for the rest of the evening. Not staying up too late I then woke up before my alarm (yes, I set the alarm on the weekend too) with an abundane of energy, then what do one do? One runs – and then rewards oneself with a Frapino.

Run 20160807


Then one goes to IKEA for lunch with the fam, while also getting their input on the kitchen that I’m planning to get within a real short time.


They then dropped me off not far from my fav grocery store, that I then walked out of with loads of things, not that many groceries though. And too lazy to take pictures of my new mixer for my morning smoothies and the things like that.

All the running, walking and family time wore me out, just as needed and I survived the weekend. Still no alcohol in the picture, not sure when I will feel ready to start with that poison again. For now, I will go without to ensure that the cravings for cancersticks will stay away.

Onwards to week two. If I can manage one, I can manage two, right?


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