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The festival is in town

Once a year the Malmö festival is on, I usually stay away from it. However, as one of my lovely friends pointed out: a woman gotta eat.

So I figured we would go to the square where all the food stalls and pick one, eat dinner and then head back to my couch…yeah right.

This year they have tasting portions so we started with Korean food.

Then we headed for Peruvian, unfortunately it tasted as bad as it looks.

While eating the Peruvian food we sat next to a lady eating Mexican which looked fantabolus so we headed there…

Then we kind of figured it was time for dessert, or maybe not! My favorite sandwich place, Scandwich, had their own stall and their carrot sandwich was to die for!

I then passed on dessert. Perfect way of spending an eve with someone you haven’t seen for a while and need to catch up with. Food and talk, let’s do it again soon.

Now I’m finally back on my couch after a long day…

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