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A long day finally coming to an end

This job of mine make me do silly things, like getting on trains at 6:11am. At least it gave me a beautiful sight this morning. 

Another benefit with morning trains is the brekkie served at your seat with some yuck coffee on the side.

I also discovered another problem with quitting the cancer sticks. Usually when having some time to kill between two trains a would sit outside, maybe with an overpriced coffee, smoking. Now instead I was in the kiosk, for a long time and accidentally exited that said kiosk with some reading material I didn’t need some overpriced water with taste, oh well – shit happens.

After what one can call an interesting afternoon at work I could finally check-in at my hotel and ditch my stuff. To keep myself from beer and smoke (or maybe it’s just that a new habit is born) I went out for a run, and sweet enough I’m at a place where they have hills. For you that never been to Malmö, the place is flat, very flat, so it’s nice with some ups and downs for once.

After running there’s food. The hotel chain I’m staying at right now have me hooked mainly for the reason that dinner is included, all you do is go downstairs (together with all the other people that are travelling for work and are eating by themselves) and serve yourself. Today there was salmon for main, pie for dessert and some cheese, crackers and fruit to end the feast. I’m sure I’ll manage to breakfast. 

I will not admit to starting up my work PC while watching the Swedish ladies beat Brazil on their home turf making their way to the Olympic final in soccer, pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Now it’s pretty much time to hit the sack for another long day tomorrow. Peace out ma peeps. 

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