Posted in Quitting Smoking, Sweden

I don’t get it

So I’m away from home, away one can call it. It’s not a vacation away, it’s a working away. I get yum breakfast.

I also get to set my alarm for a bit after 6 am to have time to eat that breakfast before my 7am pick-up.

OK, so some people are morning people and that’s how they roll, early up, early to work, early home.

It’s the early home I don’t get, back at the hotel around 4:30pm and dinner not served until 6. What does one do? Especially stuck away from home…I went shopping. 

I like better when I get to sleep late, be at work late and get home late. After my fantastic dinner this eve, that I spent an hour on, I was dead tired with no energy for anything.

I have things that I should be doing other than lying flat on my back watching TV wondering when I can go to sleep.

I don’t get being a morning person!

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