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Friday funday

After a few days of early mornings I finally got to sleep in a bit, my first meeting this Friday was a 9 am breakfast meeting, fits my habits so much better. I might have woken up before my alarm and accidentally started of the day with some impulse shopping, internet is lethal.



I was also a good girl and tried out the ‘excercise during lunch’ thingy and attended a 45 minute Body Balance session. Hmmm…not sure it was my thing, I will give it a few more tries though, it was the first session after summer break so I’m sure the instructor was a bit off as well. The session was rushed like she wanted to get a normal one hour session into the 45 minutes, and that doesn’t work for me, I didn’t feel like I had time to figure out the positions properly and did pull a muscle in the back of my thigh at one point.

The afternoon meant a little bit of work before heading of to my totally fav person, the dentist, for some fun stuff. We are getting real close to my new teeth now as this time I got bigger screws in my implants, a mold was made for the new theeth and the color to be was decided. So if nothing else changes I will have my new theeth on the 13th of september. Exciting, and boy did I feel sexy!


With the week draining me, all the exercise and then the torture at the dentist, the friday night was spent on the couch and I crashed into bed at 11pm, I think I might be getting old…

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